Welcome to the home of a little book with big dreams. Please Don’t Cry is published by Little Steps Publishing, beautifully illustrated by the talented Jelena Jordanovic-Lewis, and written by me, Natalie Mooney. Jelena grew up in Germany, illustrated this book while living in Denmark and now lives in the UK, and I live in the northern tropics of Australia. You can also find me here:   www.facebook.com/pleasedontcrylullaby/ and on Instagram www.instagram.com/pleasedontcrylullaby/.

Alternatively email me at natalie@pleasedontcry.com.au and I can add a personal message to your copy of this lovely book.

Image: Jelena Jordanovic-Lewis

Image: Jelena Jordanovic-Lewis

This book is for families.

This book is for parents, grandparents and carers to spend time bonding with their little ones. With rhyming sing-song text that tired parents can relate to, it will become a treasured part of baby’s bedtime routine.

This book is for all children. It provides an alternative to traditional lullabies, with stunning illustrations to capture baby’s attention.

The data shows that reading to children from birth supports literacy development across the lifespan. Singing to babies has also been shown to provide positive benefits for both baby and Mum (read the blog at http://www.pleasedontcry.com.au/read-and-sing-to-baby-every-day/).

A book that can be sung means double the benefit!

Image: Jelena Jordanivic-Lewis

We all have a story. Stories make the memories that lead to the present of our lives, stories of adventure, of joy, love, heartache and pain, building up our wisdom of experience.

As a child, I loved to read. As a teacher, it became apparent how valuable reading to a child at an early age truly is. After my first child was born, I was determined to read to them from the beginning (even while they sat curled up snug inside the womb). Some of the books I read inspired me to have a go at writing my own manuscripts. In the early days, I had to post them out to many publishers. Six years later, after many rejections and lack of responses, Little Steps Publishing contacted me, seeing hope with the manuscript for Please Don’t Cry.

Please Don’t Cry was inspired by my second child who was terribly irritable at bedtime. The first child was a dream, sleeping through from 6 months old. The second child’s disrupted sleep became a true shock, and we struggled to get any sleep to keep our sanity. I tried to allow her to ‘self-settle’, we also tried music, patting, swaying… basically anything and everything! One thing that helped was my attempt at singing to her. Singing has always been a part of our days too. Our poor kids are now toneless because of my rather off voice (but hey, we can all sing if the only audience is your baby who can’t run out of the room!), and the all different nursery rhymes, children’s songs and lullabies created a fun atmosphere that helped improve vocabulary and oral language skills.

The lullaby ‘Hush Little Baby’ was a favourite tune, but the lyrics just didn’t suit us. I made up my own, and with a little tweaking, they now live in a picture book to share with children everywhere.

My hope is that this book becomes a treasured part of you and your child’s story. A book that ends up with pages sticky taped back together, weathered from years of returning to this beautiful book on the shelf that they too may one day share with their children.

The learning journey and story continues. Each and every day brings parenting fails and triumphs. Personal successes come and go, terrible exhaustion and emotional weight passes and the two little terrors that wake each morning trust that we will be there for a hug and way through the next day.

The book is dedicated to my inspirational children and to ‘Little Dreamers’ everywhere. Dreams can come true. It is also dedicated to my amazing Mum, Rita, who lost her painful battle with pancreatic cancer ten years ago. She suffered in numerous ways, but was always there, she had her story, and helped me build my own. May her light shine always through this book and in the hearts of those who love her.

Image: Jelena Jordanovic-Lewis