15 minutes a day can make a whole lifetime much easier…

Ok, my first post and I am not sure who out there in the big wide world would like to read it. To be honest, I am far from an expert and I can probably be a bit annoying, so why read on? Because… I am passionate about giving kids a good start in life!

I love to read to kids, my own particularly, but as a school teacher I am also fortunate enough to read to other people’s kids. While studying to become a teacher, I was introduced to Mem Fox’s Reading Magic (http://memfox.com/books/reading-magic/ ) where she discusses the endless benefits of reading to little kids. I was hooked. If I was ever lucky enough to have my own kids, I knew I would read to them from day dot. And here we are.

With 2 little ones now creating bedtime havoc, we always have for a book or three, or four. We read for fun, for time together, and incidentally, to improve their vocabulary and a general love of reading.

There aren’t any rules… pick up a book, make it fun or make it calming. Babies may fall asleep, crawl out of the room or rip up a few pages, but hey… there’s always sticky tape.

Some interesting data can be found here: http://www.scholastic.com.au/schools/ReadingLeaders/KFRR/kidsreading.asp

According to the Scholastic Australian Kids and Family Reading Report (2018), how often a child is read books aloud is one of the three dynamics that are among the most powerful predictors of reading frequency for children aged 6–17. Start early for a great head start!

The Children’s Reading Foundation has some great tips here:  http://www.tcschools.org/docs/read-out-loud-babyFINAL.pdf

Happy days ahead!

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